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Well, in case you hadn't heard, there was an earthquake in California today....
which is strange because I've been having an "earthquake tingle" now for the past few weeks, and was just talking with one of my fellow DA'ers yesterday about it.

It was a strange feeling. I was already awoken from my slumber by the just in the RV that had parked down from us, so I thought it was some kid playing a prank on us when my car began shaking from it...
but there wasn't anybody running away, and there were no footsteps either to of fro...
so something said to me...'was that just an earthquake?
So I quickly whipped out my laptop and turned it on to get a signal and hit the USGS website.. and there a big red spot over the North Bay and a magnitude warning of 6.0...
so I checked CNN's feed and it was the breaking news flash....

And then I went "uh-oh" ... because I knew that wasn't a 'good thing' ....'s that geologist training of mine... we know very well what any quake entails and how things can go bad.
And I knew from the location and shaking what it was going to entail in terms of damage and destruction.

I was quite amazed at the scarcity of the damage and lack of injuries...I was expecting much worse.
I was also amazed at how the first and primary news topic was: "Will the 49ers game be cancelled!?! Heaven forbid!"
Yes, crack of dawn, and that was the primary subject of the media's coverage...:facepalm:
Then, once it was announced that the stadium was fine and the game would be played... the actual news of the earthquake began to be covered.
Still, it is remarkable that the damage wasn't far more extensive.
And I'm not surprised by the damage either...It's where and on what building you would expect.
I am also amazed at how the local news anchors and field reporters were, well, not to impressed with the quake.
Oh, it shook them up too, but they had the attitude of "Hey, it was a quake, these happen. Relax and let the emergency and specialist crews do their jobs and we'll get through this by tonight...."
And for the most part, by the afternoon the power was restored, the clean-up had begun, and cities were bouncing back.
There was no panic, there was no overhyped Hollywood/Southern Californian apocalyptic vision, and the 49er game finally mentioned it about 5 minutes in. Even the fans interviewed said "Oh, well because of the quake, we left half an hour earlier to get here."

so, all in all, it was an unusual day....
  • Listening to: earthquake coverage, ad naseum
  • Reading: 'Hanted Heartland'
  • Watching: my fellow homeless, watching the quake coverage
  • Eating: very little
  • Drinking: very little


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Thank you for the favourite, I am glad you liked the poem
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Thank you so much for the favourite Mikey, I am really pleased you liked it. I had fun working on it for you! :hug::heart:
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HI Mikey,
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I saw it earlier....

Shhh! the Lump did it!
Shirley-Agnew-Art Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Wouldn't want to be that guy lol! It is a great shot though,
Will is an excellent photographer! :nod:

He did, turned round too quick and "BANG!!!"
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Thank you again for the favourite Mikey. I am so glad you like the Ethel & Walter stories as I couldn't write them without you. I hope you enjoyed the addition of Hedwig to the Shady Pines residents lol! :giggle:
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oh, I'm sure there will be more residents to populate Shady Pines....

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Oh I am sure there will be, I do love writing these! :love:
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